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Nicholas K. Gandt

Vice President

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Nick has over 28 years of refining industry experience. His solid technical background, combined with extensive experience in plant operations, economics, and acquisitions, brings a broad, common sense approach to his consulting engagements. His hands-on experience spans from managing all technical services, including major capital projects, to negotiating contracts and supporting asset transactions.

Nick began his career as a process and design engineer. While at Chevron, he held a variety of positions including process control engineer, economics and planning analyst, operations assistant, and technical supervisor. Nick has extensive experience in revamps, new unit design and construction, plant start-ups, and turnaround support. He also has significant background in automation projects and initiatives and has participated in numerous best practices and steering teams.

While at the El Paso refinery, Nick gained mergers and acquisitions experience as a member of the sales team for Chevron. He worked closely with the buyers as the due diligence officer and was also responsible for developing a smooth transition plan.

While at Western Refining, Nick was the Director of Technical and Business Development and also filled in as interim Plant Manager. He was part of the management team that increased production by over 40 percent while exceeding industry safety goals, meeting regulatory compliance requirements, and achieving world-class reliability.

Nick was responsible for directing technical functions including process engineering, control engineering, designs engineering, drafting, fixed equipment inspections, major capital projects, economics and planning, laboratory, and information services for the entire corporation.

Nick was also responsible for business development which included developing a strategic plan that increased production while meeting new fuels regulations as well as environmental requirements.

Nick joined Stancil & Co. in May 2008.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Provided support to potential buyers to over 10 refineries in the U.S. and Europe. Helped develop economic cash flows, comparable sales summaries, and replacement costs. Identified future options for refineries including changes in operation, as well as capital investments. Supported due diligence reviews of assets. Helped in determining hydrocarbon inventory valuation on closing; coordinated the transition plan with a buyer including interim personnel plan, contracts review, and information services; and provided transition personnel assistance until permanent employees were hired.
  • Economics & Planning - Provided economics and planning support to more than a dozen refineries consistent with customer needs. Participated in cross functional area team to develop an improved supply chain optimization process. Assisted in developing critical tools such as LPs, including single period, multi-period, multi-location, and blending and scheduling models. Engagements included validation and tuning of models. In two instances, he was the interim economics and planning analyst until permanent staff could be hired. Formally trained more than 20 new planning analysts in how to run LPs. Developed work processes for planning teams. Developed and evaluated capital plans for clients. Facilitated monthly meetings with area business unit members to gain consensus. Developed cash flow models using decision and risk management techniques.
  • Strategic Business Development
    • Represented the refinery on comprehensive area business unit review to determine future value of options.
    • Provided supporting information for negotiating improved insurance and financial credit terms.
    • Facilitated the development of capital growth strategy plans while meeting regulatory requirements.
    • Participated in and provided technical guidance in negotiations with the EPA and other agencies.
  • Property Tax Support - Supported the property tax valuations of six refineries from a technical perspective. Assisted in the development of the income, replacement cost, and comparable sales approaches. Reviewed and provided input on refinery operations including safety, environmental, and compliance issues.


  • 2003 - 2008   Western Refining Company
  • 1987 - 2003   Chevron Products Company


  • 1987BS Chemical Engineering
    Oregon State University