Project Development & Asset Management

Stancil & Co. consultants have managed major capital projects while working for operating companies and can bring together all the elements necessary to implement a successful project.

Beginning with conceptual ideas, we optimize the project scope and assist with the process development and front-end engineering. We have also assisted our clients in the detailed engineering, construction, and start-up of major capital projects.

The ability to combine technical knowledge with economic criteria allows Stancil & Co. to determine a project’s competitive position in the marketplace. Continuous involvement on worldwide projects keeps us abreast of the latest industry trends. We are able to identify opportunities, conceive and implement projects, and evaluate problems from many different perspectives in order to produce the most profitable result for the client.

Acting as project managers or owners’ representatives, we save clients time and money in the execution of major projects. Our previous project experience and attention to detail have aided Stancil & Co. clients in developing optimized and well-defined scopes with associated contracts tailored to minimize risk.

Single Project Engagements

Assisted in the development of projects encompassing all refining processes, EPA clean fuels, gasoline reformulation, petrochemicals, cogeneration facilities, natural gas processing, biofuel production, advanced process control, and energy conservation.

Joint Venture Refinery

Served for more than three years as technical expert for Valero in monitoring progress and as an independent engineer in certification for the financial institutions who were monitoring project cost and schedule during construction of this facility, including a worldscale heavy oil cracking unit.

Western Refining Company

In 2003, Jeff Nichols served a transitional role as Director of Planning and Economics after Western purchased the El Paso refinery from ChevronTexaco.

Managed Clean Fuels Project

A constantly changing industry environment requires that our clients continually review their existing operations in order to maintain competitive positions, optimize results, and maximize profitability. A high level of industry awareness and hands-on management experience provide Stancil & Co. with the ability to quickly identify problems and recommend and implement solutions. Having already gained hands-on experience while at operating companies, our consultants now serve clients through advisory or temporary direct management roles.

On the financial side, Stancil & Co. has assisted both lenders and borrowers in bankruptcy workouts, refinancing of loans, loan syndication, and disposal of assets. As independent consultants, our objectivity often allows us to recognize opportunities or concerns that might otherwise be overlooked.

Our asset valuations have been used by clients in the offer and receipt of financing, in the reassessment of property taxes, and as a benchmark in advance of a sale.

Another Stancil & Co. service is the development of information memorandums and business plans. Such documents have assisted companies in promoting capital investment and obtaining project financing.

Stancil worked for two years as Western Refining Company’s technical consultant and project advisor on their ultra low sulfur diesel project. Worked for four years as the client’s overall program manager for the modernization of the Mazeikiu Nafta (Lithuania) refinery to meet the product requirements of the European market. Activities included project development, economic analysis, technology selection, and managing the project execution plan for one new process unit, a new products blending system, and the upgrading of eight existing process units for the production of higher octane and 10 ppm sulfur gasoline, as well as 10 ppm sulfur diesel with improved cold flow properties.

Pride Companies, L.P.

Alan Stevens served as President of Pride Companies, L.P. from 1990 to 1992.

Louisiana Land & Exploration (LL&E)

In 1996, Jeff Nichols completed a nine-month contract assignment as Operations Manager at LL&E’s Mobile, Alabama refinery during its sale to Shell Chemical Company.


Renewable fuels are increasingly mandated on a worldwide basis. These can include ethanol, biodiesel, biobutanol, etc. Feedstocks range from grains (corn, soybeans, milo, and wheat) to sugar producers (sugar cane, sugar beets) to the use of cellulosic materials (corn stalks, switch grass).

Stancil & Co. has been involved in a number of biofuels projects in North and South America. Our responsibilities have included the following:

Market Studies
  • Feedstock supplies and pricing
  • Product markets
  • Competitive processes
  • Tax incentives
  • Fuel regulations
  • Cash flow projections.
Independent Engineer
  • Design and engineering review
  • Construction monitoring
  • Budget analysis
  • Start-up
  • Performance testing
  • Contract negotiations.

Stancil’s biofuels clients have included developers; technology, chemical, and refining companies; and financial institutions, Our consultants’ extensive history in refining and petroleum fuels formulations, market and distribution networks, and project development and management has greatly added to our clients’ perspectives in project development and implementation.

We continue to work closely with technology companies in evaluating improvements to existing technologies and to critique new technologies or to merge two stand-alone processes into a new production process.